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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of FOLLOWUP DFY… Michael grew a number of kitchen table businesses into profitable ones with online marketing over the last 23+ years…

Then he began helping other local business owners to market their business online… Which lets them spend more time doing what they love and less time marketing.

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Sales Revenues Not What You Dreamed Of?

We can help you increase sales & profits a lot quicker than spending the next 12 months trying to solve this problem all by yourself. Why pull your hair out and struggle when...

You can avoid the pain of learning marketing by watching 577 hours of videos or taking an expensive 6 month course.

Just sit back with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while we do the hard work for you. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Website Rehab

Refresh your website with better copy, the latest tactics for better conversions.

“One of the easiest marketing strategies to increase sales is changing your words”

Whatever you do, don’t send prospects from an ad to your homepage…

Send them to a page with only ONE option to think about! Lead Funnels work…

More repeat sales & new Clients
Fast turnaround
We do the hard work
Free Web Audit

SAMPLE WEBSITE I could build for you in the next few days -->

Done For You Promotions

First Follow-Up promo is funded by us.

It’s time to put your customer list to good use and create sales on-demand.

The more times you communicate the more you sell.

Past customers are proven buyers who spend 57% more than new leads.

1 DFY promotion to your list – fully funded
No upfront fee
Let us prove it works

VIP customer follow up can double or triple profits with half the advertising expense

New Opportunity+

We find hidden income in your business

A fresh set of eyes

Our magic power is adding extra revenue to your business

We find collabs, partners and sponsors for you


How Jack turned his Empty Law Practice around with a simple, but powerful "VIP Business Card".

Let's Face it. The "New Customer Funnels" that you see advertised on Social Media Daily... Don't Freaking Work. Learn the Honest Truth behind why you're not getting new Customers with Facebook Ads...

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